Black Coffee

Here goes.

Coffee in my house was almost always available, my overachiever status winning in the ridiculous battle over natural teenage growth once I began drinking that lovely caffeinated substance. I now stand at a non-modelesque 5 ft. 5 inches, with still an ever growing love for the thing that employs me and keeps me awake to go to school full time and carry a job that helps me pay rent. I'm a Caucasian barista/college student hoping to stay awake enough to have unintelligible conversations about current politics and classic literature. Nauseatingly cliche, unforunately. Hehe, just like in "Stuff White People Like," coffee for me is number 1.

However, after having left my random shopping days with 2 good friends of mine (les deux "a"s) (as we frequented the Walker Bros. pancake house, and the local Ulta for the latest in makeup that our high school selves NEVER needed) I selected plain black coffee in lieu of the sugary Dr-Phil-warns-you-against-these Frappucino. In other words, I went with a heathier alternative (and cheaper might I add) on these excursions. Although I certainly wouldn't turn down that trip to the mall and pancake house....

Anyway, my semi-masculine ways of drinking my coffee (as well as tea) is kind of nice. You don't often see a woman ordering a Black Eye without adding cream or sugar. Matter of fact, I hardly serve espresso-laced coffee to women. I do of course "mix it up" on occassion, but perhaps my drinking habits will bend a few gender rules....

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