New updates!

Yes, Mrs. Rudnicki has a new book. And vegan drunk puppy (my mascot on this blog) is VERY pleased :)

My review is currently available here at amazon.com

It's always good to check out easy vegan recipes! Not just because the diet is humane..but come on, no one wants to deal with making sure than eggs/milk are fresh. :) LAZY ME!

So I finished another Lisa Gardner book today! Say Goodbye, a creepy story about spiders and a gruesome tales about kidnappings and a prostitute serial killer. I love getting promo books from my bookstore so I can read the books, and ideally give them back to my employees to read as well.

Interesting tidbit: MANY Lisa's in the game of mystery. Jackson, Scottoline, Gardner.

Lisa Gardner is my favorite, and probably because she pushes the envelope a bit more with the gruesome details and not sparing the reader from any horror. It is my opinion that this is why books are written/read, to not be censored as much as other mediums. Perhaps A Clockwork Orange is an exception...*shiver*

A few summer tidbits anyone?

The Neighbor, by Lisa Gardner (it's now available in Mass Market, which means cheaper and much easier to put in a purse/ carry on the train!)

This came out on hardcover last June, and I believe stills proves to be a good summer thriller. A young mother disappears, the only remaining witness is her 4-year-old daughter. The husband is suspected, and both of the newlyweds come from broken pasts that created an ending that was just what the heart wanted. Cathartic, perhaps a little predictable, but completes the idea of the story in a way that left me closing the book with a long sigh...

I'm getting into some lazy territory, otherwise I'd post more books. I am however in the middle of Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections...very nice :)


Vanity is good for you (I'm back!)

Ms. Natalie Wood! (Draw whatever comparisons you will-haha!)

Me and Drunk Puppy- with a horrible webcam program! BLECH!

Drunk Puppy love's Gardein! :)

I'll be the first to admit that vanity is what made me a vegetarian. After reading Skinny Bitch, a quote that stuck with me basically said something to the effect of "Why eat a dead carcass...unless I want to look like one" (or something like that)

YEAH! Why should I look like a dead animal? Alicia Silverstone is hot...and she's almost 40! All she does is be gorgeous and not eat animal products... ok- sure!

My obsession with Natalie Wood started in the 6th grade. My family and I had to leave after the 2nd act of West Side Story being performed on stage (tragic to miss it!) , so my dad of course had to rent the movie version. I WAS HOOKED! She was glowing, and beautiful, and even though she wasn't a Latina, she got the ingenue look down! Once I saw a few other films, and read every biography about her published, I grew more and more attached.

I also don't mind the "Oh...you kind of look like her!" comments I get when I tell people she's my fave....but you know! :P

In general I feel like our vanity is there for our confidence and for our self-protection. If we didn't think we were hot stuff, all of us would be in abusive relationships (and women wouldn't have nearly as many rights as they do now!)

Maybe that's a stretch...whatever!

I miss blogging, and I'm sure I'll get back to it once I get in the groove of things.

Until then, follow this blog!
I was referred to it from a male friend of mine- there are some great tips on etiquette and just general live-ability :)

I'm also trying to write some books...yep- plural! :)

-The Yupster/Vegan Mistress