Curvaceous women-Real women have curves!

Going through my DBT program text, I keep noticing a strong connection between women's upbringing and poor associations with food. I LOVE FOOD, and I've had my fair share of self-hate and fear of getting bigger.

There have been many movements to help women love themselves, but it's an everyday effort. The woman who walks with grace, self-respect, dignity, and who DOESN'T go against her fellow women. The competition and pettyness is the worst. The first step is to love each other. :)

Maria Callas
Jayne Mansfield (mother of Mariska Hargitay!)
Mariska Hargitay (founder of the Joyful Heart Foundation)
Sophia Loren
Kate Winslet (new St Johns ad, in September Vogue issue!)

Sophie Dahl!! One of my favorite cookbook writers....and former model :D
Crystal Renn, author of Hungry- yes, she has lost weight. I'd rather look at a size 8 model than a size 0!

A few ladies with curves- and successful careers! Let's bring healthy back ;)


Upcoming Book Signings


One Day's author David Nicholls will be discussing his book with Lisa Birnbach, the author of The Official Preppy Handbook at the McNally Jackson Bookstore in Soho; 52 Prince St. THIS WEDNESDAY at 7:00PM (August 3rd!)

Isabel Gillies- I freakin' love her! Mrs. Stabler on Law and Order, and now 2nd time around memoir writer. Yes, it's a little cheesy, but her stories about first, her marriage falling apart (Happens Every Day), and now of her finding love again are sure to strike a cord. She is absolutely perfect on Law and Order: SVU. Who would've known that her "breaks" from the show (i.e. Stabler separation period!) was so she could indulge her husband's academic interests at Oberlin College.

She will be signing at Crawford Doyle on September 15th! :) Go Isabel!

Ahh Little Children. The Abstinence Teacher. Election. Who but a talented writer could create these characters (notably, Tracy Flick , the overachiever who we've all encountered at some point)! I remember when I visited NYC back in the day, the Barnes and Noble near Lincoln Center (now closed!) was doing a book signing for Mr. Perrotta and I was leaving before I could go. Second chances! Tom is coming out with The Leftovers, which based on its description seems a bit of a deviation in terms of "reality-based" writing. Regardless, I am a huge fan- Mr. Perrotta is up there with Ian McEwan, Joyce Carol Oates, and other writing loves!

Tom Perrotta will be signing books September 7th (the day before I turn 24!) at 7:00PM at the Barnes and Noble on E. 86th st!

Isn't the cover beautiful? I think it's the UK edition, but man oh man do I want to read this book! Primarily, she is a badass female writer in England. Secondarily, she is Colin Farrell's ex-girlfriend and a former therapy patient. After her psychotherapist died, she explored her life as well as his, trying to figure things out.

Emma Forrest is beautiful and, probably, a fabulous writer. Can't wait to meet her! :)

I mean, what's another mental health read for a budding DBT clinician?

She is speaking with the author of The Psychopath Test, Jon Ronson.

They read/speak together August 11th at McNally Jackson bookstore.

Hope to see you all there! :D