More adventures with Vegan Drunk Puppy!

So it's been a ROUGH past few weeks. I've been working literally every day, and I have been in a vicious cycle of getting myself sick and tired. I'm very close to needing to make a decision on grad school, and very few have gotten answers back to me on financial aid. Columbia, for one, was not very helpful in the $$ department.

Oh well, I digress and I think I'll have some lovely choices coming to me soon! I just gotta have faith...and coffee.

In veggie news, Vegan Drunk Puppy has tried the DAIYA vegan cheese...and loves it! Certainly no replacement, but helpful on those rough nights when I can't get to a cheap grocery store to buy anything else (read: Amy's Vegan Burritos...such a college girl!)

I'm done in a few weeks, so I'll have more time to blog. In other news, I've been looking up more sustainable practices for being girly! My graduation dress contestants are flying in the mail from providers on ebay.com

I'm also in the market for vegan candles, and may have met my match on etsy. This Kenny CoOp looks just wonderful, pretty cheap, and has great reviews...YES

Vegan Drunk Puppy tried to steal my Trader Joe's edamame! It's less than $2.00 for a bag, and you just pop in in a pot of boiling water and presto! Not-super-processed soy for your day....delicious!


$8.00 for almost 2 pounds of Organic Coffee..um yes please!

I bought this candle from the Heartland Cafe in Chicago. I've always loved their food, but their adjacent store is always packed with fair trade and organic goodies! This candle isn't my favorite soy candle I've tried, but it did the job...and smelled wonderful!

My new favorite blog is Savvy Abby via VegNews! VegNews is absolutely one of my favorite mags, and this blog is a leading example of why. Recognizing their key demographics, this college girl likes seeing cruelty-free stuff for CHEAP! Excellent job :) Her most recent article talks about cheap makeup, and also features Pacifica, absolutely one of my favorite body-product companies. WOOT! $5.00 @ Sephora for cheap hand cream that smells like sorbet...yum!



[Drunk puppy yelling at my boyfriend to stop drinking the Kahlua- it's got milk!]

My how my last semester is turning into a journey.

My wonderful boyfriend is being absolutely wonderful about the changes in my life, and I feel like we're becoming maturing adults who argue and make up and still love each other at the end of the day. As my english teacher once said in high school "Love is NOT having the butterflies, but the knowledge that if you look across the room at a crowded party, they'll instinctually look back." Pretty soon he'll get me back in shape by making me run/walk...he's the one training for a marathon, so I'm a wee bit scared to just start working out together. I guess that's part of relationships- making yourself vulnerable...extremely vulnerable! (meep!)

As for other aspects of my life, I feel so blessed to have my good friend Kelly. Together we are participating in the 29 Day Gift Giving Challenge. The challenge comes at a good time, as pretty soon she'll be going to San Fransisco, and I'll be embarking on a trip to either NYC or Seattle. Check out the blog to see more!


In the spirit of giving (and spring weather), I'm trying to completely clean out my stuff. So, I'll be donating a lot of my clothes I don't wear, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to detox my room a bit.

Detoxing in general freaks me out, but I'm committed to my new mantra:

"Eat more green, don't spend it!"

Hopefully as a veggie I'll be able to feel back to my usual, healthy self :)