Not-feeling-so-good- Being Vegan & sick!

Hey everyone-
In addition to new nannying experiences (with the cutest baby in the world!), and subscribing to the Savage Lovecast, I have found myself in a predicament- I'm sick again!

I was already sick in January, so the idea of me being all-stuffed-up-getting-everyone-else-sick twice....not so good! My diet has been relatively ok, except for the occasional "whoa! too many carbs!" pre-diabetic business, but I think this is all linked to one thing: STRESS.

Ugh, that awful "s" word that hurts EVERYONE. My boo Travis got the heaping venting on my part, when he felt the desire to really share his interest in raw food. And I snapped! Yuck, no one wants that. I am still trying to eat what I can to be vegan(ish!), but when I am feeling weak, that's when the light foods sorta move away, and I make way for the dairy and egg. Just for a brief period of time though!

Babysitting has also reminded me of how little time I have. Luckily, I do have a home in which I could cook something for myself if I wanted, but rarely do I take the 5 minutes to think about what I should make for myself. In addition, I have night classes, which means little time to prep for din-din.

I've been surviving on Amy's vegan organic burritos, and new Nature Valley Dark Chocolate + Oat granola bars.

And now, Dayquil.

Time to rev up the engine by maybe taking some yoga...and multivitamins!

I hope you all are in good health! I am so happy with my new nannying job, so I hope those of you who are in stressful work positions find a way to relieve the stress! EEP!

Much love <3

P.S. One of the authors of Skinny Bitch is coming to school- yes!

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