Vanity is good for you (I'm back!)

Ms. Natalie Wood! (Draw whatever comparisons you will-haha!)

Me and Drunk Puppy- with a horrible webcam program! BLECH!

Drunk Puppy love's Gardein! :)

I'll be the first to admit that vanity is what made me a vegetarian. After reading Skinny Bitch, a quote that stuck with me basically said something to the effect of "Why eat a dead carcass...unless I want to look like one" (or something like that)

YEAH! Why should I look like a dead animal? Alicia Silverstone is hot...and she's almost 40! All she does is be gorgeous and not eat animal products... ok- sure!

My obsession with Natalie Wood started in the 6th grade. My family and I had to leave after the 2nd act of West Side Story being performed on stage (tragic to miss it!) , so my dad of course had to rent the movie version. I WAS HOOKED! She was glowing, and beautiful, and even though she wasn't a Latina, she got the ingenue look down! Once I saw a few other films, and read every biography about her published, I grew more and more attached.

I also don't mind the "Oh...you kind of look like her!" comments I get when I tell people she's my fave....but you know! :P

In general I feel like our vanity is there for our confidence and for our self-protection. If we didn't think we were hot stuff, all of us would be in abusive relationships (and women wouldn't have nearly as many rights as they do now!)

Maybe that's a stretch...whatever!

I miss blogging, and I'm sure I'll get back to it once I get in the groove of things.

Until then, follow this blog!
I was referred to it from a male friend of mine- there are some great tips on etiquette and just general live-ability :)

I'm also trying to write some books...yep- plural! :)

-The Yupster/Vegan Mistress

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