New tips for the New Year (well...it's approaching anyway)

Hey everyone!

I know I've been...nonexistent on my blog, but I had a few requests for a post! So I thought I'd kick start with a few tips for a great winter season. Surprisingly, I survived my first semester of grad school with only one minor cold! *knock on wood*

Hopefully I can keep my streak goin'!


1) Drink water. I'm really big on trying not to do things "too cold." I think the body just needs replenishment, and I definitely don't like ice cold drinks when it's super cold outside. Lots of magazines feature cute columnists suggesting adding lemon wedges to your water to make it more "spa like". I dig!

2) Herbal tea is the way to be! Of course I can't live without my coffee....because I'm a crazy addict, but non-caffeinated tea is a great way to explore new tastes! It's a great way to nourish your blood at a time when it's hard to keep warm!

3) SPF, my friends! A certain effeminate friend of mine told me that I was depleting my skin and my body of Vitamin D. However, as sunscreen only lasts 2 hours, and you need about 15 minutes of sun to get your daily D needs, so for a crazy walkin' and talkin' city girl that I am, I feel like I get quite a bit of sun even AFTER my sunscreen wears off. So to keep both my friend's vitamin deficiency worries at bay, and to prevent pesky wrinkles and sunspots, just be mindful of sun exposure and be safe!

4) Watch those foreign films that have been on your list! If you're a student, you probably have fewer stressors and more time to focus on reading the television than those mindless films you watch during the year to reduce your stress levels. They also make for great conversations in those hipster spots (Lincoln Park/Wicker Park in Chicago; Williamsburg/The Village in NYC).

5) Freshen up your look! I just got a hair cut, and although my bangs look a little tragic, I generally feel lighter :) I love this Lucky Guide. There are different sections that outline different looks without requiring specifics brand with which to complete your look. I still longing gaze at everything in issues of Vogue, but I know I can't afford it. This guide helps me at least attempt the look! I am very partial to the POSH ECLECTIC look and the GAMINE look :D
6) Use this time to just let yourself think. I like to think of New Year's as a post-breakup opportunity: reflection, rejection, and rejuvenation. In this case....I'm still with my wonderful boyfriend.

7) Speaking of wonderful boyfriend, finding time to really appreciate the people you are close to is ESSENTIAL. Nothing makes me feel better than a good long chat with people I love (which is quite a few!)

8) Read those cheesy romance novels. Better to read something than to NOT read!

9) Try the 29 Day Gift Challenge. Excellent, excellent thing idea that helped me put quite a bit into perspective.

10) Learn to love yourself. If you are reading this, you know that you've at least got one very big fan!! :) If you approach everything with this perspective, people will be much more open to you- in ALL aspect of your life!


  1. This was a very nice post. I'm quite curious though as to how lemon wedges make water more "spa like".

    Number ten was definitely my favorite. Can't wait to read more of your upcoming posts!

  2. Thanks, darling! I just started to subscribe to your blog :D