Things I love!

Sorry for the lack of an update my friends!

Obviously I have been busy working at a courthouse (yay!) and a failing bookstore (not-so-yay) .

I needed a few pick-me-ups other than the coffee I am downing between shifts!

First, lots of books! I just finished The Hilliker Curse: My Pursuit of Women by James Ellroy, and Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen. Currently, I am on the second of Chelsea Cain's Gretchen Lowell/Archie Sheridan series, entitled Sweetheart. LOVE IT!

As Border's faces its demise, I no longer feel any guilt for helping our fellow bookstores for the future! McNally Jackson has a few book signings coming up, as well as Barnes and Noble.

Tom Perrotta will be at the Barnes and Noble on 86th and Lex on September 7th (day before my birthday- what luck!) Maybe he'll dedicate his next book to me on account of turning 24!!

The above posted pics are from the BabycakesNYC new book! Vegan, gluten-free rice krispies!

I have yet to try any of the recipes for lack of spare change to buy the intense ingredients.

Lucky for me that I received
a free jar of coconut oil from Nutiva! They were already a sweet company, which is why I wrote a letter stating that I like them (they're cheaper than a lot of coconut oil companies, too). I couldn't believe it when I opened the package! A nice surprise!

Let me tell you, the book describes these krispies as perfect for cheapskates and lazy people- mission accomplished Babycakes. Delicious!

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