My veggie list!

Hey everyone!

So a delightful old friend KAYLA from college requested that I give a list of my veggie hot spots. Of course, this will include books :D


The Kind Diet. Pretty much my vegan bible. Sandra, you may ask, why are you using a celebrity guide for your veggie journey? Well, it was published just at the right time.

It was the Babycakes bakery that introduced me to veganism, because I had received an electric mixer for Christmas (still, by far one of my best gifts received!), and I was exploring what delicious baked goods I could make.

Either way, Ms Silverstone's book was a great introduction to why folks go vegan in the first place, could you incorporate veganism without it being this "big deal"? I really developed a passion for vegan cooking from this book, and I loved experimenting. The biggest contribution was her "flirting" section, which seemed tailor made to me. A girl could look into the vegan lifestyle without the worry of labeling herself as "Vegan" with a capital V.

Veganism is by-far one of the most political parties we've got! I hate to say it, but anytime I've tried, I've been in a terrible position to experiment with a new style of eating. Most of the vegans writers I've encountered in this challenge have been less-than-validating.

Thankfully, there are books like The Kind Diet that are more on the "just try it", Meatless Monday, let's-have-everyone-make-as-big-an-effort-as-they-can bus.

Phew! Love it! Girl is looking like she's on bargain via amazon.com :D


Seriously, Gillian McKeith is fierce. This is basically the book that got me hooked on smoothies! I love that her approach is so militant, not because I think it's practical, but because it's a good read when I'm in a rut and need to remember how to eat well. Indeed, I think I'll be slim for life! :)

Of course, VegNews Magazine

Their website is also pretty awesome. Vegan caramel? How is that possible!?!
They also have great listings, blogs, dedicated to vegan sources re: shoes, coats, lifestyle products.

In general, I have been devoting my time to making sure my cosmetic products are animal/cruelty free, but I have not yet switched to leather-free. I've always thought fur looked pretty tacky (sooo 1980s thrift store....and not in a good way), so that was always a given.

TOMS shoes has a whole Vegan footwear section. Don't say I didn't warn you, they're pretty cute!

Sophie Dahl is my Idol. She's a model, and a delightful cook who just wants to spread the love. She keeps the meat to a minimum, and truly exemplifies what I believe is real beauty. I love it, check out her Voluptuous Delights! I cannot wait for her next book, already available in the UK! (hint hint, Ms. Kayla!)

Heidi Swanson. Oh my! SHE IS AMAZING.

Natural foods are a big part of the veggie world, but somehow Americans get stuck in a rut of the same rice and veggie stir-fry meals, and an abundance of pasta that's quick to make. Her writing helped me seek out the use of wheatberries, and roasting vegetables with just the right kind of spices.

Roasted Tomato Soup
Her website, 101cookbooks.com, introduced me to this glorious roasted tomato soup recipe. Fabulous. Of course, the photo credit is her own.

In light of the holidays, I hesitate to make the "these are my favorite things" reference...but why not? :)

Don't forget that this is the time for listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas!

(and don't forget the Arrested Development reference!)

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