Non-vegan, yet very veggie update...

So my friends, I am INFAMOUS for my chocolate truffle cheesecake. The "cheese" part is probably not hard to replace with the tofu variety, and the eggs that are in are probably just as easily substituted. Don't care! I love my vegan friends, but I would hate to part with this recipe from an old issue of Taste of Home, the magazine that my grandmother in the heart of South Dakota swore by.....(I do not know how to complete this sentence, yet I'm uncomfortable with ending sentence with prepositions...I digress)

This is a delicious recipe to say the least, and I promised I would make this for my roommate before our lease together ended, and we both embark on different living adventures.

This is the cheesecake recipe.

In other news, I noticed that one of my favorite recipe/posh entertaining books recently came out in paperback! I recommend always buying hardcovers used on amazon.com or preferably betterworldbooks.com (as it's an organization that supports literacy with every purchase!). Instyle Parties is a book presented by the editors of the magazine, and if you look past the expensive preferences, you can find some good food recipes and party ideas for yourself! The link to such book is here.

I would like to try the Real Simple Celebrations book as well, but the other books from them on organization are just as good. I swear I'm not really a domestic housewife in the middle of nowhere moonlighting as a college student! I'm just that invested in being a hostess ;)

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