A trendy look at the life of a vegetarian. To me, it's a nice thing to skim through and get ideas for, especially when it comes to vegan cooking. I will say that some of the more "youth oriented" articles bring up some good topics. For example, surveys asking "Would you date a non-veggie?" etc....

Check it out!


  1. so, lets say, hypothetically: Two people, both of whom are non-veg, start dating. One decides to follow the way of the veg while the other wants and claims to need to eat meat for the protein to follow his athletic endeavors. Is there a compromise needed by either of them to meet (no pun intended) on level playing fields?

  2. Well, number one, do NOT use the word endeavors with me. It only means that cows will start mooing more, and that'll just affect global warming...

    Number two, sounds like these people are both destined to eat well together. Sounds like an awkward mess of love to me!

    <3 Natalie