Class? Gross.

Apparently, class, both the academic and the riche definitions, is always limited at my university. Walking among the campus, not only do I see women wearing the same things (80's looking sunglasses, tunics that were definitely overpriced at Urban Outifitters, leggings, and gladiator sandals, etc.), but I hear them speaking in the same every-sentence-must-be-a-question way....surely followed by the ever-cringe-worthy "I know...right?"

Sigh. Anyway, my point is that going back to school kinda sucks. It's boring, and I do not get to cook that much...However, I do get to engage in more discourse with my fellow peers, talk with true friends that I've been awfully neglectful to (without reprimand), and still find time to cook.

My mother has this tendency to offer many groceries every time she visits. I love her for wanting to be helpful, but it's usually the most perishable thing you could find, and as I'm living by myself (another adventure), I find it hard to use odd amounts of green peppers and SEVERAL pints of blueberries. Thus, soup and smoothies it is.

Number one:
I mixed raspberries, blueberries, and green tea together....it was amazing

Number two:
Pureed tomatoes and chopped up orange and red peppers for soup.

These were definitely good decisions. My favorite part? Neither came from a recipe.

My next step is to figure out how I'm going to mix orange and dark chocolate flavoring. I had originally suggested to my amazing friend, Michael, at work that I wanted to make scones....but I already did that with blueberries! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Other news:
I bought a dress at Crossroads for $16, it's really pretty, and I can't wait to wear it. That's probably all I'll spend on clothes for the next year and half, so I'll have to find a way of making what I already own go further. Then again, I'm almost always dressed for work anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.

The dress is green.... maybe I'll forgive those cliche' freshman girls and wear black leggings, too. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Oh, and I promise I'll write something more worthwhile. :)

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