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What a wonderful hyperlink!

Anyway, Mrs. Kelly Woyan Rudnicki is a close family friend, I've babysat for her children, and her family has been supportive of every endeavor of mine that I can imagine since they moved into our subdivision back in the burbs. Now, it's my time to be supportive!

Allergies have become an epidemic in the U.S., especially in children. With all of the new research and trends that have come about in the country about our eating habits (or lack thereof), we have to start thinking also in terms of those who have limited options. Children are constantly at a disadvantage if they deviate from the norm in any way, and you can see it in the way that children discuss their limits (whether it be physical or psychological).

Kelly has found an amazing way of recreating a so-called "weakness" in her child's life into a grand strength, not only raising awareness of an affliction that many suffer from, but about the ripple effect that restrictions on eating create for the entire family. Her book has TON of awesome recipes, but also gives a portion of the proceeds to the Food Allergy Initiative Chicago (http://www.faiusa.org/?page=chicago), a non-profit groups that also raises awareness about this.

I will also add that QUITE OBVIOUSLY, I would not be trying to promote this if the Rudnicki family was not one of the nicest and most caring families I've ever met. Her son, John, has SUCH character and personality, while the other kids are such a support system for him.

Can you imagine being a kid today, already absorbing the pressures of family life from the economy and other crises in this time? I can't even imagine. We always have to be looking out for them.

Which brings me to my main point (despite my always overly-caffeinated poor writing skills...I do have one- hehe!) ...we should be baking for these kids! I have always loved baking and found a niche in vegan, gluten free, and allergen free treats. Kelly's recipes are AMAZING, and most of the time much better for you! I had the absolute delight of trying most of them when she was shooting the photos for the book, and let me tell you...I have yet to even want to TRY another oatmeal raisin cookie after eating the one that she features.

She is an absolute inspiration, and I hope to promote the book for her (mostly through the bookstore, Facebook, etc.) AND for all the kids out there that just want to eat a cupcake! And those of you reading KNOW how I feel about cupcakes :)

So here's to Kelly's new book, it comes out in October! Let me know if you know of families that would benefit from the book, and I'll try my best to get you a copy from work. Otherwise, I'm definitely gonna try some more of her recipes, and deviate from my other books for a while. I might even put up a few updates on the 'ole blog, but with school and such...I make no promises.

Now if I could just find a bundt cake pan so I can make that AMAZING cinnamon swirl coffee cake......